Computer Center

Well equipped & Advanced Computer Center

Centre for Computer Education is a premier part/centre of Rangapara, Balipara area for Computer Education. Rangapara College initiated its journey of imparting computer education by establishing a computer laboratory in 2017. The Computer was established with the objective of creating computer awareness among the students, teachers, and other employees of the Rangapara College and nearby area.


  1. Computer Laboratories with all upgrade equipment.

  2. Digital Classroom with projects and digital board.

  3. Internet (LAN and WIFI).

  4. Space for Student Activities.

  5. 24 X7 Electricity Supply.

  6. Contact Us : 8486632269, 9435180914

Courses Available

  1. Basic Computer Course ( Duration 3 Months)

  2. Desktop Publishing Course ( Duration 6 Months)

  3. Office Automation Course (Duration 6 Months)

  4. Computer Programming Course (Duration 6 Months)

  5. Diploma in Computer Application (Duration 6 Months)