Grievance Redressal

The Grievance Redressed Cell of Rangapara College has been constituted to provide a secure physical and social environment to its students. It has been constituted as per the UGC guidelines to redress the grievances of the students. The cell continuously strives to find solutions for any problems faced by students including academic matter. The cell periodically convenes meetings and steps to redress the grievances.

Objective of the Cell:
  1. To accept written grievances from students related to any academic or non- academic matters.
  2. To create and implement a mechanism to handle the registered grievances.
  3. To listen, register and scrutinize the grievances submitted and take prompt actions.
  4. To develop a follow-up method of the registered cases till their final disposal.
  5. The cell also attends to the grievances made by the students on basis of the gravity and authenticity.

Mechanism of the Cell:

The mechanism for registering complaints is safe, simple and easily accessible. Students are free to put up a grievance in writing and drop in the Grievance Box or handover to the convener of the committee. The committee also has developed an online mechanism to register grievances. The committee shall coordinate, monitor and ensure redressal within the stipulated time. Depending upon the gravity of the grievance, the committee will follow up the case regularly till the final disposal. The committee will make a thorough review of the redressal process. In case the committee feels satisfied with the resolution provided by the respective individual, the same will be intimated to the grievant. If the resolution is accepted, the case is considered close. If the committee is not satisfied with the resolution provided, a hearing can be issued to the respective individual and the grievant. After a thorough hearing and investigation and completion of the proceedings, the Committee shall communicate the final decisions to both the parties, which shall be binding to both the parties.

Name Role Contact No
Mr. Jiten Hazarika Chairperson 8638743665
Dr.Naba Kanta Das Co-Chairperson 6002314388
Dr. Saswati Purkayastha Convener (Girl Students) 9854994761
Mr.Deependra Sarmah Convener (Boy Students) 9101006362
Students Welfare Officer (Mr. Prasanta Boro) Member 6000190401
Dr. Pamela Sarmah Member 8638949104
Ratan Choudhury Member 9101088012
President & Secretary, Students Union, Rangapara College Members -