To reach the zenith of excellence in higher education by generating exemplary human resources


  1. To transform lives and serve society by promoting the participation of rural students in Higher Education

  2. To implement the green policies and create a ‘Swachh’ environment for the holistic development & growth of our students and teachers. .

  3. To achieve excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research

  4. To develop scientific, intellectual and socio-economic skills among students.

  5. To enhance the physical & mental fitness, and develop socio-cultural qualities of students.

  6. To disseminate the scientific temperament in the campus and in the society.

  7. To enhance the commitment of faculty, staff and student to the centrality of diversity, social justice

7 core values of Rangapara College, Sonitpur

  1. Always Students First

  2. Quest for Quality through Hard Work

  3. Local to Global

  4. Social Responsibility

  5. Gender Equity

  6. Learning for life

  7. Community Development and Participation


  1. To publish at least fifteen research papers annually in high quality journals.

  2. To achieve a result status of 100% pass percentage, where, 30% students to obtain first division.

  3. To organize seminars and workshops, one from each department in an academic year.

  4. To make use of ICT in teaching learning and create suitable environment for the same.

  5. To promote research by providing adequate all-round support to the faculties and students

  6. To conduct various programmes in rural areas of the surroundings to enhance the overall awareness, and participation in higher education.

  7. To conduct various awareness programmes for disseminating scientific knowledge.


  1. To adapt interactive teaching learning pedagogy.

  2. To encourage students to go in flipped classrooms and follow the blended mode of teaching learning.

  3. To enhance the scientific, intellectual and socio-economic skills among the students by providing relevant courses.

  4. To adapt collaborative approach in teaching, learning and research.

  5. To organize and participate in sports events and enhance the physical fitness of the students.

  6. To organize and participate in cultural events to enhance the socio-cultural qualities and skills among students.

  7. To establish a Yoga and Meditation center to enhance the mental fitness of the students.

  8. To ensure that every student is connected to the society.

  9. To create participative events to enhance the scientific awareness among the students and society.

  10. To observe the events of National importance.